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Introducing the New Executive Director

“After over 100 applicants and many interviews, the Media Fellowship House (MFH) Board of Directors is proud to announce it has hired a new Executive Director for the 74 year old organization devoted to promoting and creating communication between diverse cultures and generations,” stated Robin Otto, Board President.  

“Jerry Duffy, who has done a magnificent job in managing and developing programs for MFH the past 15 years, has also been spearheading Media Fellowship House’s housing programs which have grown tremendously and now serve hundreds of families each year,” said Ms. Otto. “With his increased activities in this area, he and the Board found it necessary to find a new Director who would advance the mission of MFH, develop new programs, and address the concerns of our community with regard to improving, maintaining and finding new ways to create a dialogue between ALL of the diverse groups in our County and community. “Jerry will now be the Director of Housing Programs for MFH and we look for great collaboration between Isabel and Jerry to advance our mission,” stated Ms. Otto.

“To that end, after a long search, the group found a young woman with the education, experience and motivation to take on the task necessary to manage and grow the organization. That person is Isabel Clark, a resident of Wayne who has a resume that belies her age with experience, intellect and management skills.”

Originally a native of Knoxville, Tennessee, Ms. Clark earned her B.A. in English from Haverford College, where in 2008 she was awarded the James Bready Prize for Journalistic Writing. In 2014 she earned her MA. in  English from Temple University with a concentration on American Literature and Film Studies; she is currently working towards her M.P.A. in Public Administration at the University of Delaware.

Since 2014, Isabel has been the Resident Director of “A Better Chance,” a national non-profit organization that provides academically talented minority students an opportunity to attend outstanding public and private schools throughout the United States. She has been a Director of Youth Programs for United Sports in Downingtown, and a Program Director for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Philadelphia.

When asked about the way she sees her role at MFH, Isabel smiled and said, “First of all I love challenges, and I love meeting new people. Media is central to a community open to new ideas and viewpoints. With that in mind, I hope to help develop new programs that will interest and involve people of all generations, ethnic groups and interests, perhaps by partnering with other community groups and religious organizations.

Robin Otto added, “Please stop by the House and introduce yourself to Isabel, or if you see her on State Street, say hello. Like us, you will soon appreciate her authenticity, energy and a genuine desire to bring people together to find a common ground.”

Jerry Duffy, Director of Housing Programs

Jerry Duffy, continuing a 15-year tenure at Media Fellowship House is stepping into the role of Director of Housing Programs. He is excited to continue his work with Delaware County’s First-Time Homebuyer’s Program.

Before joining Media Fellowship full-time in 2004, Jerry spent time in New York City pursuing an acting career, where he was accepted into the Stella Adler Conservatory and worked in the finance sector at Spear, Leeds & Kellogg, PNC, and the Vanguard group, focusing on bonds and investments. It was during this time that he started volunteering with the Fellowship House a bookkeeper. He quickly fell in love with the program and its work and took on the role of Executive Director when the former director left.

Jerry is a long-time Media and Delaware County resident and an avid Triathlon competitor. He lives with his partner Aimee and their children, Ryan and Vanessa.

Jerry holds a degree in Finance from Temple University and hold multiple certifications from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA).


Isabel Clark, Executive Director
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