Fostering meaningful connections and understanding through dialogue

Save the date for Saturday, April 20th, and join us at the Media Borough Parlor Room for our first annual Our Stories Connect event.

What is Our Stories Connect? It’s a community dialogue event where Delaware County neighbors share their lived experiences related to specific aspects of their identity through one-on-one conversations. We provide a safe space for open dialogue, embracing difficult questions and fostering meaningful connections.

Everyone has a story to share. We’d love to help you tell yours. For those interested in sharing their story, we encourage attending one or both of our preparatory storytelling workshops led by local storyteller Megan Hicks. Megan’s expertise will empower you to craft and share your own stories, unlocking the transformative power of storytelling.

We understand that holding conversations or embracing relationships with others of differing viewpoints can be difficult. To begin to address this, we invite community members to our 2024 Paul Patchel Conversation Series led by trained facilitator Brian Armstead, MSW, MCP. These three workshops will focus on exploring biases and navigating uncomfortable topics. Attendees are encouraged to join with curiosity and mutual respect as we strive to deepen understanding and relationships.

You can learn more about Our Stories Connect and register for any of our upcoming workshops on our website.

Come be a part of this enriching experience as we celebrate the richness of our community’s narratives and embrace the power of authentic human connection.