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Cast Your Vote for the 2019 “Spirit Hall of Fame”

The Media Fellowship House announces the MLK Spirit Hall of Fame nominations from whom which will be selected 2 honorees. Voting will end on January 9th, 2019 so use the form below to pick and/or select your nominees. The honorees will be announced at First Church Media, State and Lemon Streets on January 20th at 3:00 during the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Celebration.

The nominees may include any American having lived within the last 100 years. Nominees exhibit the qualities and character of Dr. King, among which are loyalty, leadership, integrity, honesty, determination and courage. The two additional nominees will be added two the 12 announced in 2018 by MFH and its Board. Our hope is that the community will suggest and champion others to add to the list. We urge everyone to participate by voting as well as suggesting nominees.

You may also download and complete the nomination form, and return it to the Media Fellowship House by mail or by dropping it off at MFH. Inductees will be revealed on January 20 at the Ceremony, and online at mediafellowshiphouse.org.

There are many people in America alive in the past 100 years who have possessed most or all of the qualities of Dr. King. Last year, in 2018, friends and followers of Media Fellowship House awarded 12 individuals the Martin Luther King Spirit Award. This year we are adding 2 more who will be presented at the Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration in January. We invite you in picking your selection, either from the list below, or of your own nomination. You may pick as many as you like, or write in as many as 2 others.

The 2 selected for inductees will be collected from all nominations submitted by mail, dropped off or from this online submission form. Thank you for your participation!

Anita Friday is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Georgetown University Law Center who with her partner, a former prosecutor, established the first African American male/female partnered law firm in the State of Connecticut.

Throughout her career, Friday has served on numerous community boards, worked with at-risk teen parents, took on responsibilities as a Human Rights Commissioner for the City of Stamford, and organized a minority parent’s association in the Stamford public schools system.

Anita is currently a member of the Anti-Racism Education Committee for the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania, serves on the Trustee Board for Easttown Library, and has created a multi-cultural curriculum for elementary students at a local private school.  

Anita is the founder of Open Hearts…A Path for Racial Healing.  The goal of the organization is to build a bridge across the deep racial divide that exists in America. To achieve her objectives, she has designed materials for and facilitated groups who are engaged in Courageous Conversations regarding issues of race and ethnicity.  In addition, she has created a workshop entitled Racism Power Privilege Poisons and Promising Possibilities while conducting forums, workshops, lectures and Town Hall conversations at the various religious, community and educational institutions in the area with regard to racial and criminal justice and prison reform..

Today she will be speaking about Suspicion…Why and What Cost?

Dr. Martin Luther King is known and beloved for his acts and deeds.
His qualities were many and included:

Loyalty Leadership Integrity Honesty Determination Courage

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