Housing Stability Counseling for Homeowners

Media Fellowship House’s HUD-Certified housing counselors will provide default counseling to any individual with a delinquent (or an impending delinquent) mortgage situation on an FHA, VA, or conventional mortgage. A counselor will help you prepare an assessment of your financial situation to determine the root cause of the problem and the best course of action to resolve your issues based on your capability to handle the mortgage payment. You can work with our HUD-certified counselors to:

  • Receive a one-on-one appointment to fully assess your housing and financial situation
  • Create a personalized budget and set realistic financial goals
  • Understand your options
  • Receive financial tools to help you solve current problems and avoid future issues
  • Connect with resources that may assist to improve your housing situation.
  • Apply for mortgage assistance through your lending institution. 
  • If you face a situation where eviction is unavoidable, they can help you create an action plan to transition out of the property.

The options available in a particular situation may involve referrals to other agencies.

If you have received an Act 91 Notice or legal complaint and are currently facing foreclosure action, please reach out to a housing counseling agency that can assist you with your HEMAP application.  In order to receive the legal protections that the Act 91 notice can provide, you need to reach out to a participating housing counseling agency quickly.  

Media Fellowship House is unable to assist with HEMAP Applications at this time. A list of participating counseling agencies can be found HERE.

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