The Paul Patchel Conversation Series

Media Fellowship House announces the relaunch of the Paul Patchel Conversation Series to start this February 2023.

Have you noticed a strong and growing sense of frustration leading to negative feelings and acts of violence and/or hostility among people on all sides of the political divide?

This hostility arises – in large part – from a belief that holding conversations, discussions, debates and dialogue with people who have opposing viewpoints will be too difficult and will devolve into chaos, frustration and either emotional or physical violence. In turn, that limits our ability to adequately express ourselves and our frustrations. The results of this can be emotional overwhelm, scapegoating, deep divisions, fear and anger. 

To begin to address this, Media Fellowship House will host four compelling sessions designed as a safe space to help participants learn skills to engage in constructive dialogue with people/groups that have “opposing” viewpoints.

Space is limited to 18 attendees. Each session draws upon the content learned in previous sessions. Attendees are requested to attend at least the first three sessions.

Registration is now full for the 2023 Spring Season.

To join our waiting list, please contact:

Amy Komarnicki, Executive Director


Meet our Program Facilitator

Brian Armstead, MSW, MCP has spent the bulk of his career working with communities, children, and families as an educator, social worker, mediator and community advocate.   A skilled facilitator and convener, he brings together diverse–often hostile–groups for meaningful and productive dialogue.  Throughout his career he has also mediated individual, family-to-family and neighborhood conflicts.  He has also led city-wide and neighborhood-based advocacy campaigns that led to various educational reforms. READ MORE.