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Media Fellowship House will host a series of
Study Circles on Race Relations and Religion in our Diverse Society
for a six-week session starting Thursday, October 18th.
What exactly is a Study Circle?
  • These Study Circles will be opportunities for small groups of citizens (8 to 12) to sit together in a public space, and share a constructive, respectful conversation with one another.

  • A Study Circle is a space that promotes open dialogue – NOT debate.

  • This is not a lecture series.

  • These dialogues will be facilitated by experienced professionals.

  • For each Study Circle formed, we are planning six sessions, each lasting no more than two hours, taking place over six consecutive weeks. The final meeting will be an open forum, part of the “On the Table” initiative with the Foundation of Delaware County and the Philadelphia Foundation. With this combination of deep conversation and outreach, we hope to create a program that generate ideas and actions for positive change.
It is hoped that through this shared experience of listening to others’ experiences and concerns, we can begin building relationships and trust, and generate valuable action ideas & programs for our community. Last fall, The Fellowship House’s pilot five-session Study Circle on Race Relations was an inspiring and empowering experience for all our participants.

The Study Circle model is not a new idea. Many communities across America have successfully used study circles over the past 25 years to develop new strategies to create more democratic and inclusive communities that have made a greater commitment to taking on racism and other challenging and problematic issues in American society.

It is our objective to organize a diverse coalition of organizations that will join forces to reach out and publicize this program to our broader community.

Please click here to register/express interest in participating in Study Circles this fall.

Study Circles run every Thursday for a six-week session beginning on October 4th.
Participants are asked to participate in at least five of the six sessions.

Media Fellowship House’s
Dialogue–to–Change Process


  • Create Positive and Meaningful Change That Includes Everyone
  • Create a More Democratic and Inclusive Community
  • Create Greater Commitment to Take on Racism and Social Injustice
VISION: “Because we believe in a community where ___________”
  • WHY this Program? Another way to describe goals.
  • What is THE NEED? Another way to describe goals.
  • CORE VALUES : Fellowship, Fairness, Inclusiveness, Security (sense of well-being)

  • Strengthen our Democratic Capacity
  • Demonstrate Commitment to Sharing both Experiences & Lessons
  • Listen to Others’ Concerns, Build Relationships & Trust, Develop Ideas for Action
  • Give Everyone a Place in Conversation
  • Conduct a Program of Study Circles Dialogues: in Public Space, on Public Concerns;
  • Respectful & Constructive Conversations
  • Host Series of Action Forums
TACTICS – WHAT WE DO – ACTION STEPS [to be developed]
  • Training of Facilitators
  • Message Development:
  • Pay attention to how structural racism operates / societal inequities
  • Pay attention to power of words / language
  • Honor ideals of equality / social justice

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